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We are proud of the work that our team have completed to date. Timber First has completed a wide range of construction projects throughout Ireland and abroad in England and Australia.

Regardless of the project bring from large housing, to smaller home extensions, the quality of our work speaks for itself. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss any construction projects you may be planning.

Office Fit-Out Container

Embark on a journey of sustainable innovation with Timber First’s transformative office fit-out of a recycled container. From humble beginnings to a captivating workspace, we’ve turned a blank canvas into a dynamic and eco-friendly office environment that inspires creativity and productivity.
Witness the magic of restoration as we breathe new life into discarded containers, crafting them into functional and stylish office spaces. Our team’s expertise in repurposing materials and maximizing space ensures that every corner of the container is utilized effectively, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.
Experience the joy of working in a thoughtfully designed office space that champions sustainability without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. From energy-efficient lighting to ergonomic furnishings, every aspect of the fit-out is carefully curated to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for work and collaboration.
Join us in embracing sustainability and creativity as we redefine the concept of office space with our innovative container fit-out. Discover the potential of recycled materials and witness the transformation from nothing to a vibrant workspace that you’ll truly enjoy.

Poplar Row, Ballybough, Dublin 3

At Timber First, we take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our recent project at Poplar Ballybough, Dublin 3 showcases our expertise in enhancing living spaces with quality timber work.
For the apartments at Poplar Ballybough, we had the privilege of working on both the staircase and balconies. Our team meticulously crafted and installed the staircase, ensuring both
functionality and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we transformed the outdoor living spaces by constructing and beautifying the balconies to complement the overall architecture of the apartments.
With our dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction, Timber First delivers exceptional results that elevate the appeal and value of every project we undertake.

HSE Primary Care Centre Dun Loaghaire

Timber First Carpentry is proud to have been a part of the transformative project at the Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, where we contributed our expertise to the Primary Care and Dental Surgeon areas. Our team played a crucial role in the 2nd fix carpentry, adding the finishing touches that elevated these spaces to new heights of functionality and aesthetics.
Situated in the heart of Dun Laoghaire, this project presented a unique opportunity to showcase our craftsmanship in a bustling commercial hub. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the carpentry work met the highest standards of quality and precision.
In the Primary Care area, our team focused on enhancing the interior ambiance with custom-made fixtures and fittings, seamlessly integrating them with the Centre’s modern design. Likewise, in the Dental Surgeon area, we applied our expertise to create a welcoming and efficient space for patients and practitioners alike.
Timber First Carpentry’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the project, from initial planning to final installation. We take pride in our contribution to enhancing the Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre experience and are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a significant endeavour.

HSE Primary Care Centre, Mullingar

At Timber First, we take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, evident in our recent involvement with the Primary Care Centre project in Mullingar. Our team played a pivotal role in enhancing the interior aesthetics and functionality through our expert carpentry work
One of the key aspects of our contribution to the project was the installation of stringers, meticulously crafted to provide structural support and visual appeal to the staircases within the Centre. Our skilled carpenters ensured precision in measurement and alignment, guaranteeing the safety and stability of the staircases while adding a touch of sophistication to the space.
Additionally, we focused on elevating the interior ambiance by crafting bespoke window boards that seamlessly integrated with the Centre’s architectural design. These window boards not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the windows but also provided practical functionality, serving as elegant platforms for displays or additional seating areas.
Our attention to detail extended to the installation of skirting throughout the Centre, where we meticulously matched the profiles and finishes to complement the interior decor seamlessly. The skirting not only served as a finishing touch but also concealed unsightly gaps and provided protection to the walls, ensuring a polished and cohesive look throughout the space.
Furthermore, our team undertook the installation of doors, carefully selecting premium materials and utilizing precision joinery techniques to ensure smooth operation and durability. Each door was custom fitted to its respective space, contributing to the overall accessibility and privacy requirements of the Primary Care Centre.
In summary, our carpentry work at the Primary Care Centre in Mullingar exemplifies our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. We are proud to have contributed to the creation of a welcoming
and well-appointed environment that serves the community’s healthcare needs with distinction.

Vicarstown, Community Hall – Portloaise

Our team recently completed an exquisite carpentry project for a community hall located in Vicarstown, Portlaoise. This project involved the meticulous design and construction of a stylish bar area, tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space.
Drawing inspiration from the hall’s ambiance and the client’s vision, our skilled carpenters crafted custom-made bar counters, shelving units, and decorative elements that seamlessly integrated with the hall’s existing decor. Utilizing high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, we ensured durability, functionality, and timeless elegance in every aspect of the bar area.
From the rich, warm tones of the wood finishes to the intricate detailing of the joinery work, our carpentry work reflects our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The result is a sophisticated and inviting bar area that serves as the focal point of social gatherings and community events.
We take pride in our contribution to enhancing the community hall experience in Vicarstown and look forward to continuing to serve the community with our craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Stoney Batter, Dublin Project – Student Accommodation

Welcome to Stoneybatter Student Accommodation, nestled in the vibrant heart of Dublin. Our team is thrilled to showcase our exceptional work on this project, particularly our expertise in carpentry.

At Stoneybatter, we’ve poured our passion and dedication into every aspect of this development. From concept to completion, we’ve meticulously crafted spaces that prioritize comfort, functionality, and style. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the stunning carpentry work throughout the accommodation.

We’re proud to say that we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this project, and the results speak for themselves. Our carpentry team has surpassed expectations, delivering craftsmanship of the highest standard. From bespoke furniture pieces to intricate details, each element adds to the overall charm and quality of Stoneybatter Student Accommodation.

Situated in Dublin’s bustling city center, our accommodation offers students a truly exceptional living experience. With our dedication to superior craftsmanship and a passion for creating welcoming spaces, Stoneybatter is more than just a place to stay – it’s a place to call home.

New Road Convent Nursing Home Project

At Timber First, we take pride in our dedication to excellence, and our recent carpentry work
at New Road Convent Nursing Home is a testament to that commitment. With meticulous
attention to detail and a focus on quality craftsmanship, our team worked tirelessly to deliver
exceptional results.
From custom cabinetry to intricate woodwork, every aspect of our carpentry services was
executed with precision and care. Our goal was to enhance the aesthetic appeal and
functionality of Bloomfield Convent Nursing Home, creating spaces that are not only visually
appealing but also conducive to the comfort and well-being of residents.
We are proud of the positive feedback we've received from both staff and residents alike,
and we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch carpentry services for future projects.

Clink Hostel – Clink i Lar – Project

Timber First Carpentry is proud to have contributed to the creation of Clink Hostel, a
stunning new establishment situated on Abbey Street in the bustling heart of Dublin City. Our
skilled team played a pivotal role in completing the carpentry work for this project, ensuring
that every detail was executed to perfection.
Located adjacent to the famous Temple Bar district, Clink Hostel offers more than just
accommodation – it provides an immersive experience in the vibrant atmosphere of Dublin.
With a capacity of over 600 guests per night, this hostel stands as a testament to both its
scale and quality.
At Timber First Carpentry, we take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. From
intricate woodwork to structural elements, our team ensured that every aspect of Clink
Hostel's carpentry was expertly crafted and seamlessly integrated into the overall design.
As visitors from around the world flock to experience the charm of Dublin, we are honoured
to have played a part in bringing Clink Hostel to life. Our commitment to excellence is
reflected in every corner of this exceptional establishment. Thank you for choosing Timber First Carpentry for your carpentry needs.

The Lookout, Harbour Road

Immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings of Harbour Road, a stunning newly built project nestled in the scenic beauty of Dalkey, Dublin. Over the course of a meticulous year-long endeavor, Timber First played an integral role in shaping the aesthetic and functionality of this exceptional development.
Our dedicated team spearheaded all carpentry work, demonstrating a mastery of craftsmanship that harmonizes seamlessly with the natural allure of the surroundings. Despite the intricacies of the project, Timber First adhered to a stringent timeline, ensuring the timely delivery of exceptional results.
At Timber First, we understand the importance of client satisfaction, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail of the Harbour Road project. Explore a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, precision, and the seamless integration of craftsmanship into the captivating landscape of Dalkey.

Trinity College Bio Labs

Timber First Carpentry is honoured to have been entrusted with the carpentry works for the Biology Labs at Trinity College Dublin. Our skilled team worked diligently throughout the building, providing expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of the project.
Within the Biology Labs, our carpentry expertise played a crucial role in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces for students and researchers. From custom laboratory furniture to intricate woodwork detailing, we ensured that each element met the specific requirements of the academic environment while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.
Throughout our involvement in Trinity College Dublin, our commitment to excellence was evident in our meticulous approach to carpentry works. We collaborated closely with project stakeholders to deliver solutions that not only met but exceeded expectations, contributing to the overall success of the project.
Timber First Carpentry takes great pride in our contribution to the esteemed Trinity College Dublin, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in enhancing its facilities for the academic community.

North Star Hotel Extension Dublin, Amiens Street

Timber First is proud to have been a crucial part of the expansion project at the prestigious North Star Hotel, situated in the heart of Dublin on Amiens Street. Our team’s expertise and dedication were showcased in this remarkable endeavour, where we played a pivotal role in adding two extra levels to the hotel’s structure.
In collaboration with Monami Construction, we undertook the intricate task of joisting out the entire roof, ensuring structural integrity and support for the new levels. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously executed this aspect of the project, adhering to strict quality standards and timelines to facilitate a seamless construction process.
The addition of two extra levels demanded precision engineering and a keen understanding of both architectural and structural requirements. Timber First rose to the challenge, delivering innovative solutions and expert craftsmanship to enhance the North Star Hotel’s facilities and capacity.
Our commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of our work, from the selection of premium timber materials to the flawless execution of construction tasks. The successful completion of this project stands as a testament to Timber First’s proficiency in delivering tailored timber solutions for complex construction ventures.
We are honoured to have contributed to the expansion of the North Star Hotel, further solidifying its position as a premier destination in Dublin’s hospitality landscape. Timber First looks forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation in future collaborations within the construction industry.

St Pancras, Terenure, Dublin

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of Timber First, a leading carpentry and woodworking company specializing in bespoke solutions for residential and commercial projects. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we have completed a multitude of projects, ranging from intricate custom furniture to comprehensive woodwork installations.
Our portfolio showcases our expertise in projects located in Terenure, Dublin, and St. Pancras residential housing. In Terenure, we have meticulously crafted and installed stunning woodwork features, enhancing the beauty and functionality of homes in the area. Meanwhile, our work in St. Pancras residential housing exemplifies our ability to transform spaces with our bespoke carpentry solutions, creating inviting and sophisticated environments for residents to enjoy.
At Timber First, we take pride in our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, we strive to exceed expectations with every project we undertake. Explore our portfolio to see firsthand the exceptional workmanship that defines Timber First.

Perth, Australia

Timber First’s expertise in crafting bespoke outdoor spaces within Perth, Australia. We had the pleasure of constructing a deck complete with handrails for a valued client, delivering outstanding results that exceeded expectations.
Our team’s commitment to excellence and efficiency ensured that the project was completed in a timely manner, allowing our client to enjoy their new outdoor area sooner. The satisfaction of our client with the results speaks volumes about our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

At Timber First, we take pride in transforming visions into reality, one project at a time. Explore our portfolio to see how we can elevate your outdoor living experience with our expertly crafted decks and outdoor structures.

Creative IT, Mullingar

Explore the innovative transformation of Creative IT’s space in Mullingar through Timber First’s expert carpentry work. Our skilled craftsmen have meticulously executed a comprehensive shop fit-out, elevating the aesthetics and functionality of the premises.
From custom-built shelving units to intricately designed display cases, our carpentry solutions seamlessly blend style and practicality, creating an inviting environment for customers and staff alike. Every detail has been carefully considered and crafted to reflect Creative IT’s brand identity and enhance the overall customer experience.
At Timber First, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional carpentry work tailored to our client’s specific requirements. The shop fit-out for Creative IT in Mullingar stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction.
Experience the transformative power of Timber First’s carpentry expertise – where creativity meets functionality, and vision becomes reality.

House in Cavan

Our client required us to fix up their attac and staircase. This is a perfect example of many 2nd Fixes we have completed.

Blanchardstown Corporate Park – fit out

Discover the impeccable craftsmanship of Timber First at Blanchardstown Corporate Business Park, where we have left our mark with exceptional door installations and bathroom fit-outs.

Our team specializes in enhancing corporate spaces with bespoke door solutions, meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with architectural aesthetics while ensuring functionality and durability. From elegant entrance doors to functional office doors, we provide tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Furthermore, Timber First excels in bathroom fit-outs, where every detail is carefully considered to create functional and stylish restroom environments. From custom cabinetry to exquisite tiling and fixtures, we transform bathrooms into inviting spaces that reflect the professionalism and sophistication of the corporate setting.

At Timber First, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project, ensuring client satisfaction and exceeding expectations with our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

St Annes Prosperous, Kildare

Timber First Carpentry is honoured to have been a key partner in the development of Annes St Properties, where we contributed our expertise in joisting, wall framing, roofing, and comprehensive carpentry solutions for 12 exquisite residential houses.
Our involvement encompassed every stage of the construction process, from the foundational joisting to the intricate wall frames and roofing installations. Timber First Carpentry ensured precision and durability in every aspect of the build, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.
In addition to the foundational work, our team successfully completed the 1st and 2nd fixes, adding the finishing touches that elevate the homes’ interiors to new heights of sophistication and functionality.
Timber First Carpentry’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the project, from the initial planning stages to the final execution. Our dedication to delivering superior timber solutions ensured that Annes St Properties embodies the epitome of modern residential living.
We are proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing these exceptional homes to life and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in future collaborations.

Townlink Unit 5A/B Unit 6 A/B, North City Business Park

Timber First had the pleasure of contributing to a project in the North City Business Park, showcasing our dedication and craftsmanship. Our team diligently worked on the project’s 2nd fixing and various other carpentry tasks, ensuring every detail met our high standards of excellence. From precise installations to meticulous finishing touches, we were committed to delivering exceptional results.

Bay Meadows, Hollytown, Dublin

a new development of 183 family homes nestled in the heart of Hollystown, Dublin 15. Designed by Archtree Developments, this vibrant scheme offers a diverse selection of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom family homes, catering to varying lifestyle needs. At Timber First Carpentry, we are proud to have contributed our craftsmanship to this exciting project, ensuring that each home is built with the utmost care and attention to detail. Explore Bay Meadows and discover the perfect blend of modern living and timeless design in a thriving community setting.

Our past projects

HSE Primary Care Centre in Mullingar, Elm Park in Dublin 4.

This project included 6 blocks of high-end apartments, a hotel, elderly care home and an office block. We completed this project to a high quality standard and within a timely manner.

Finglas road, Prospect Hill Apartments.

We worked on replacing all Fire Doors (over 250 doors) and internal apartment doors in this apartment complex.

Mount Tallant, Harolds Cross in Dublin

We completed all the 1st & 2nd fixex, along with full roofing package for 53 houses. We fitted all houses with fire doors in hallways and common areas.

Housing Estate. Hollywood, Rath.

This site is to be spread over 3 years and again we have full 1st and 2nd fixing of this job. This housing estate consists of 183 houses.

Nursing home flats in Poplar Row, Dublin

We have the full 1st and 2nd fix of this project including roofing.

We have a large, proffesional and talented team with the necessary skillset and experience to complete any job required to a high quality and in a timely manner.

Should you require any further information or references, please don’t hesitate to contact us
by phone or e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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